Chris O'Keefe, Chair, CPD

Dear County Planners,

I am honored to be introducing myself to you as the Chair of the County Planning Division.  Since COVID first entered our lives in February we have all been through many significant changes.  Many of us have moved our offices from an office building to our homes.  Some of us have lost jobs.  Most of us likely are wearing masks over our mouths and noses for several hours throughout the day.    The County Planning Division has also been through changes although not all related to COVID-19.  Past chair, Kyle Breur, left the division mid term to pursue a career in City Management.  Kyle’s departure after a successful tenure with CPD left division leadership with a clean slate but with incredible new challenges to tackle.

Together with the rest of the County Planning Division’s Leadership our biggest challenge is providing value to you, our division members.   As county planners the breadth of issues we may face in a day or a week can be mind-boggling.  We may meet with two farmers in the morning to mediate discussion about access for cattle to a spring fed pond.  In the afternoon we may be working with an applicant seeking to rezone property to allow high density apartments near agricultural land.  Our goal always is to represent you and to provide value to your division membership. 

In 2021 as the division works to address the unique needs of county planners, we will be reaching out to you to help guide the directions that we go as we provide CM credits, newsletter content, and leadership.  Please consider joining the leadership team to make this division better.  Reach out to me or anyone else on the leadership team to participate in our activities.  Put your name in the hat to run for office.  We welcome all suggestions, and everyone can participate.  Explore the website and see where you can add content.  We have over 1000 members and it is time to harness to strength of these numbers. 

As the world searches for a vaccine to stop this COVID-19 pandemic, our lives will continue to be topsy turvy.  Contribute to your County Planning Division and help others make a positive difference in their Counties during this unique and difficult time.


Chris O'Keefe, Chair