Michelle Fuson, Chair, County Planning Division

Dear County Planners,

I am honored to be introducing myself to you as the Chair of the County Planning Division.  I have been a county planner for over 20 years and I hope to try to get all of you more involved with the Division.

County planning is unique.  We deal with rural issues, urban issues, housing, emergencies, transportation, water, natural hazards, wildlife, natural resources, equity, and everything else under the sun. It is varied and fun and never gets boring.

County planners face unique challenges. We have to know a great deal about a variety of subjects and we often find ourselves in the middle of conversations that we may have never thought we would be dealing with as planners.

Given that, our goal is to represent you as best we can and try to get information to you that will help you in your jobs and education. We are looking for feedback.  We want to know what types of things you are interested in, what educational topics will be helpful, and if there are things we can be doing better.  We are always looking for volunteers and newsletter content.

Please contact me, or any member of the leadership team, to let us know of things we should share with the membership or of things we can do to serve you better.

Thanks for being a member of our team.  I look forward to working with all of you!

Michelle Fuson, Chair

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